• Mortgages arranged
    ‘staff friendly and helpful’

    Customer Feedback:
    'Excellent customer service.
    All staff bright, friendly and helpful.'

  • Pension arrangements
    ‘high standard of service’

    Customer Feedback:
    'A high standard of service
    provided by all staff at LR Finance.'

  • Insurance cover arranged
    ‘extremely helpful’

    Customer Feedback:
    'Extremely helpful, made me understand all that was discussed.
    Everyone is lovely and courteous.'

  • Investments with a
    ‘feel good feeling’

    Customer Feedback
    'we have made a good choice with our investments
    and have a feel good feeling'


Mortgages arranged for first time buyers and home movers, remortgaging, financial help and advice

Independent Financial Advice based on Experience

LR Finance will discuss mortgaging options with you, give you advice and a detailed recommendation for the best mortgage for your circumstances.


Pension arrangements, help and advice in finding a product to suit your personal and financial circumstances

Independent Financial Advice based on Experience

LR Finance will help you with your pension arrangements, whether you want to cash it in, invest it or you just want a guaranteed income.


Cover arranged, independent financial help and advice finding insurance products to suit your personal needs

Independent Financial Advice based on Experience

LR Finance will make recommendations on insurance products to best suit your needs, based on the quality of the plans across the whole market.


Investments for capital growth, saving for retirement, independent financial help to provide solutions

Independent Financial Advice based on Experience

LR Finance tailors investment solutions to suit your needs, whether it’s planning for capital growth, additional income or retirement.

Wigan based Independent Financial Advisor (IFA)

Whatever your financial needs may be, we are here to help you, giving advice you can trust and making all the arrangements to give you peace of mind.

  • We search the market to get you the best deal for your circumstances
  • Financial advice based on experience
  • Wigan town centre office, convenient for local clients
  • Professional, honest, trustworthy

‘very easy and stress free’

Vicky was very helpful and a lovely lady! She made buying our house very easy and stress free. Thank you!

Emma Roberts & Marc Davis
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