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How we are paid

Like many other providers of professional services your initial meeting is at our expense. We think, it is a genuine route that allows you to see what we can offer and then make up your own mind as to whether you would be happy to use our services.

At the initial meeting, we will discuss your needs and then assess the right course of action. If you feel confident and comfortable with our proposition and you do decide to take our advice, then we are paid in one of two ways, or as a combination of both:

  • Fee – where we charge a fixed fee for the advice and services we provide – for example pensions & investments.
  • Commission – where we receive a commission from the product provider for introducing the business to them. We always disclose this amount to you, for example this may be on a protection policy.
  • Fee and commission – where we are paid by a combination of the two – we always disclose this amount to you, for example this may be on a mortgage.
  • When we arrange a mortgage we charge a broker fee for arranging that mortgage – the amount of £295 is payable on completion. (Note: in the case of adverse credit history and because of the additional complexity of the work involved, this fee is £495.) We are also paid commission from the lender at their expense. Alternatively, you can choose to pay us an agreed FEE – typically this would be 1% of the mortgage amount. For example if you borrow £100,000 our fee would be £1,000 and we would refund any commission received from the lender. The income we would receive from making the mortgage arrangement on your behalf is disclosed on the client specific quotation we provide you with, prior to doing the work.